What to Consider When Choosing a Haircut

Not all haircuts look great on everyone. We should know. We've had those days when we swore we could kill the hairdresser. But since we call the shots on the haircut we get, we are still to blame. We should've known then that before we choose a haircut or cut your own hair, we must consider two key factors -hair type and texture, and facial shape.

First off, if you have thick, wavy hair, you're in luck - nearly all hairstyles will look nice on you, except for the slickback which will be difficult to achieve. If your hair is curly, those edgy, angular undercuts and modern fades are going to be just perfect. If your hair is straight and coarse, just try to go with its natural flow because it is usually very hard to style this hair type differently. For those who have thin, straight hair, the slickback and all other classic hairstyles will be fab.

If your face is oval, again, you're lucky. You'll probably look good in almost all kinds of hairstyles. Forget long fringes though because they can make your face appear rounder, but you can push them back instead. Remember, when choosing a hairstyle, you'll want to consider the features of your face that you want to improve. Volume and sharp angels create a sharper and more masculine look.

A round face will go best with a sharp-angled, volumized hairstyle. The top should be longer and the sides shorter to reduce the roundness of your face. A side part also helps to make your face look longer. Avoid buzzcuts and full fringes to keep your face from appearing rounder.

If you have an oblong face, you also have a lot of chick hairdo and hairstyle choices. You just don't want those that are very short and tight around the sides because it will visually elongate your face further. Get a haircut that is longer around the sides and have some layers on top, or just wear your hair down.

Square is considered ideal for men because it goes with all hairstyles, even those that are sharp and angled, since it draws out a lot more masculinity. Fades and the undercut look just as great, and same with the buzzcut.

Finally, if you have a triangle or diamond-shaped face, wearing your hair longer on top and shorter on the sides will be flattering. You will also rock with the undercut and modern fades. To look more masculine, go for the side part.